Working principles

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Our partnership with you means that we implement your ideas within the agreed time schedule and budget. We are commited
to achieve our objectives, which we determine in conjuction wwith your requests. So, our best reference  is confidence and

loyalty of our customers.


  • Fulfillment of client needs while achieving maximum business effects
  • Safety and health at work for employees
  • Continous growth
  • Consideration of employee's interests
  • Constant concern regarding working and living enviroment protection

To become :

  • A well known company in Serbia and South-East Europe
  • Synonym for highest class production and installation of steel products
  • Respected business partner to all our clients
  • Responsible employer towards our employees


  • Improving quality of working process and products
  • Loyalty to clients
  • Creating a climate of good cooperation
  • Resource and energy saving, rational waste management
  • Continuous education and invest in human resources


                                              SAFETY ALWAYS COMES FIRST !

...our motto:
Safety first-safety always !
Our goal is to complete a project without any injury or accident, and to reduce risk to lowest level possible, while working.
98% of all injuries are human fault, and only 2 % are the result of force majeure. Consequently there is a big area
where we act in order to prevent injuries and improve our Safety programs

                        Prevention and protection, along with education & training !