About us

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Global Mont Engineering & Consalting d.o.o. is was founded in early 2008 with company headquarters in Sabac, Serbia. Since then, we are
established in the fields of construction and mechanical installation of pipelines and steel structures , different types of industrial
plants, tanks, boilers,
pressure vessels in Serbia market as well as in the whole Europe. We hire and provide for you a large number of
highly skilled labor force with
significant experience in mechanical work , for jobs in the domestic and European markets , namely:

- All profile welders
- Locksmiths
- Installers for all types of pipelines and construction
- Pipefitters
- Construction millwrights
- Electricians
- Support workers

Also, it employs competent tehnicians who are familiar with various industrial plants and " heavy duty " plants.

Respecting and following the highest standard of safety and quality, our company implements projects, build complete units and installs main
equipment for all kind of industries, like:

- Chemical, petrochemical and oil industry
- Steel factories and power plants
- Plants for biomass
- Waste incineration plants
- Paper and pulp industries
- Biochemical and pharmaceutical industry
- Food industry
- Waste water treatment plants
- Water and gas supply systems

Our services:

- Installation of steel structures
- Installation of pipelines ( hydraulic , piping for instrumentation, process and media piping , gas pipelinies and canals )
- Installation of containers, various equipment insulation
- Dismantling, repair, and reassembly of industrial plants
- Leasing of qualified and expirienced manpower for works in EU ( welders, fitters, pipe-fitters, electricians, civil workers )